Mike Hinge – A Choice of Gods

Mike Hinge - A Choice of Gods

Sci-fi Psychedelia! Covert Art for a 70’s edition of Clifford D.Simak’s novel “A Choice of Gods” – by New Zealand Born Designer/Illustrator Mike Hinge.

A big cyber-thumbs-up to Eric Carl for this submission – read more about this piece and Mike Hinge via his Flickr Feed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_carl/2452590389/in/set-72157604799546318/

Check Eric’s own slick looking graphic art at his portfolio site: http://www.sans-concept.com/ (nice use of javascript!) and his Blog http://blog.sans-concept.com/ – excellent selection of both retro and bleeding edge Design/Illustration. Recommended!

3 thoughts on “Mike Hinge – A Choice of Gods”

  1. Hey cheers – I’ve only just come across his work and saw your brothers feature yesterday – Love his work! – like to see more…

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