Paul Faris – Xenon

Xenon - Pinball Flyer

A Disco-esque Sci-fi flyer produced for the 1980 Bally Midway Pinball Machine “Xenon”.  See The Internet Pinball Database for more info and a full gallery of this machine in all it’s glitzy glory.

Artwork Sourced from The Internet Pinball Database, excellent resource for Data mining absolutely anything related to all things Pinball.

Addendum: July 2009

See how Suzanne Ciani designed the games audio – an Omni Special via Youtube
many thanks for the link there Karl.

6 thoughts on “Paul Faris – Xenon”

  1. My god does this bring back memories… if you had any ideas how many quarters I poured into one of these machines in the 80’s, LOL!

    It was the first machine that I remember having a digitized sexy female voice that would say “Enter Xenon” and “Xenon Lives!” based on what was happening in the game. I loved the lights and graphics on this game too.

    Where do you find all this stuff? Oh and please keep it coming!

  2. Hey, haha you played this? wicked but then isn’t anything with a digitized female voice? Actually the graphics on the machine itself look even cooler! – I found this trawling though

  3. OK, I *had* to go check out the machine on that link… great stuff!

    It reminded me of another few firsts with this machine (well at least for me):

    1) The tube that took the ball from one side of the game to another
    2) The capture and multi-ball play. it was a blast having three balls in play at once.

    I could roll this machine over, win free games and play for hours on a single quarter. :)

  4. Yeah it looks great – I wonder how much you can pick one up for these days? – though I suppose the main problem with owning a pinball table is where do you actually put the thing…

  5. We have one of the pinball machines with Xenon on it and I just HAD to look it up!!
    The face was so creepy that’s when I was little it scared me away!!!

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