14 thoughts on “Syd Mead – Untitled”

  1. Since I am apparently unable to have a unique thought, might I just ditto the comment above…

    “I love your blog and keep up the great work!”

  2. I like this piece and this blog. The thing I like about this work is the use of long shadows. It suggests gigantic size, yet it could just be a very distant light source.

    Please keep up the interesting posts!


  3. hey Seth, thanks for the comments….

    Yeah was thinking along the same lines, it suggest gigantic size, but you can’t be sure…

  4. IIRC, that goache painting is only 4 x 6 inches in size! I think it’s supposed to depict another worldy plane in a hyper-dimensional space, or something like that!

  5. This is not by Syd Mead, it is a close up of a work by John Harris most likely. I adore Syd Mead, so I’m not trying to flame here or any such thing.

    The line, color, and technique at that close a range might be hard to discern. But minus a title, and no other resemblance to any work Mead has ever done I’d say this is mistakenly attributed to him.

    Check with John Harris, it looks much more like his approach.

  6. I think you could be right there… the book clearly states “Syd Mead” but it does look like a John Harris I agree…

  7. This is Syd Mead (yes it reminds me of Harris too very much.) but it is Mead all the way. And it is featured in the book Sentinel. To dispel any doubt the page in the book is 152. The color here is much better than in the book.

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