Jim Burns – Sentry Biot

Jim Burns - Sentry Biot

Ok, so straight of the bat this is a complete lift from Jeff’s superb http://ski-ffy.blogspot.com/ – do check that blog out as Ski-ffy features much more raw and original source material than I have managed to muster…

This menacing Illustration from UK artist Jim Burns is  part of the Harry Harrison’s Mechanismo, more on that at Ski-ffy. The jet itself – although much more butch – bares a strong resemblance to the now obsolete Anglo/French “Sepecat Jaguar” more on that here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepecat_Jaguar

6 thoughts on “Jim Burns – Sentry Biot”

  1. This is really quite early Jim Burns but still great stuff! If you want to see what he has been up to more recently then take a look at some of the stuff on our website at http://www.artistsuk.co.uk where we have a whole section of his artprints including some stunning Giclees. Apart from being a brilliant artist he’s also a really nice bloke. His work really deserves the widest possible audience.

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