Dune II – Battle for Arrakis

Sand Worm Wind Trap

Sardaukar Rocket Turret

Troopers Hi-Tech Factory

Fremen Outpost

Siege Tank Infantry

Superb pixel illustration / retro game graphics taken from the ground breaking “Dune 2: Battle for Arrakis” considered by many to be the defining RTS  game (real-time-strategy game). Dune II was released in 1992 by Westwood Studios who later went on to evolve the game concept into “Command & Conquer” and beyond.  These Graphics by Ren Olsen were used to depict the various buildings and units attainable within the game, the actual in game graphics (down to hardware limitations) were representational and quite simple, so  Dune II’s real artwork –  Ren’s lavish animated cut scenes, menus etc – was necessary to set the mood.

Dune II’s was a hugely immersive experience set within the Dune universe but only loosely based on the Frank Herbert Novels. Basically Westwood deployed a shit-load of creative license and all for the greater good, in fact the game was that good I’m pretty certain that (via emulation) the Battle for Arrakis will still be raging on more than one laptop not too far, far away…

Read more here: http://www.mobygames.com/search/quick?q=dune+2&x=0&y=0

Artist Ren Olsen has a website with other examples of his work, heres a link: http://www.renolsen.com/

Images sourced via http://duneii.com/ an excellent dedicated fan site.

I’d just like to note that in terms of design I’ve always thought this rendition of  the Dune desert world and its protagonist’s are – all be it on a smaller scale – every bit of as inventive as David Lynchs much derided 1984 film – and I’ll add also that the depiction of the Saurdakar trooper (2nd down on left) is one of my all time favourite SF designs – dark as hell….

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