Peter Elson – Pebble in the Sky

Peter Elson - Pebble in the Sky

Art by the late Peter Elson, one of the 70’s most prolific Sci-Fi artists and a master at rendering future space hardware. As well as illustrating many book jackets Peter along with many of his contemporaries – including Chris Moore and Angus Mckie – was also heavily involved with illustrating The Terran Trade Authority, an illustrated Sci-Fi Project running from 1978 to 1980. More on that here:

Scan Taken from Paper Tigers 1977 release “The Flights of Icarus”.

6 thoughts on “Peter Elson – Pebble in the Sky”

  1. Yeah it’s quite minimal yet there’s alot going on… I didn’t realise at first, but that’s earth and I’m guessing that’s the Sun going Supernova..

  2. I remember this pic from my copy of “TTA: Great Space Battles”. Elson’s illustrations are the highlight of the book!

  3. I loved Peter Elson’s artistry in the Terran Trade Authority series and I thought he was one of the best artists to feature in the books. His works and space ship depictions have a rustic and functional look in a way that is – shall we say – cool.

    Is it is 5 billion years in the future when the sun dies? Would the Earth and our technology appear different then? Or is it in the nearer future when something else has happened to our star?

    It’s a compelling picture.

    It’s a compelling picture.

  4. totally agree Elson is definielty one of the best..

    I’d have to say this image must be near future… I reckon we’ll be bored and long gone in 5 billion years 😉

    not sure if you have seen the official Peter Elson Site yet? it’s superb

  5. legendary masterpieces! Is there any art book with his work, preferably collectable hardback? I can’t find anything on Thanks!

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