David Bergen – Shipwreck

David Bergin - Shipwreck

Scan Taken from “The Flights of Icarus” a 1977 compilation of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Surrealism from Paper Tiger, here’s a superbly coloured, melancholy sample from British artist David Bergen (born 1947). Alas, as with another blog favourite Peter Tybus it seems there’s little info on David past the 70’s….. If anyone knows more please point me in the right direction.

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    See recent David Bergen art at

    David Bergen has combined travels through Europe, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Peru, with a career focused upon creating book cover art. He has worked with many publishing houses on both sides of the Atlantic, painting covers for the titles of authors which have included Julian Barnes, Bruce Chatwin, Ursula Le Guin and Peter Matthiessen, and has painted the covers for Dracula, Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera and other gothic classics for Penguin Books. He has authored a book about dinosaurs, and has worked extensively in co-operation with scientists producing reconstructional art of fossil fauna, and fossil hominids and humans. His work has been shown both in group and solo exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Australia and The Netherlands, where he now lives. He is married to the author and musician Emma Bergen.


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