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  1. I have the poster for Def-con 4 on my wall, so i did a triple take when i saw this image. I’d say they had to get the rights to modify the original, it’s just too similar and the movie was likely in the same era.

  2. I’m pretty certain it’s just a rip-off, it looks just like a blatant copy rather rather than a reworking…. and it’s not Angus Mckie’s home site….

  3. I’ve seen the rip-off on DefCon4 too and I was outraged!! lol.
    Nowhere near the accomplishment of the original. A terrible movie too.

  4. Oh yeah…I had the Terran Trade Authority books as a kid, loaned them to somebody and (of course) never saw them again. I’m slowly collecting them again and only need ‘Great Space Battles’ to finish the collection. They go for around $80.00US second hand these days. I found one for six Australian dollars and another for one dollar at a rural tractor pull lol.
    An artist myself, the art in these books has been highly influential. This site is great!!

  5. I have a large hardcover book called “space wars worlds and weapons” circa 1978 that my father bought me for my 5th or 6th birthday. It’s full of sci-fi art. I didn’t read much of it but I loved the pictures. This was on of the illustrations in it. Some years ago it got water damaged and i managed to find a mint copy on ebay (amazing really to find such an obscure book) to replace it. I have both copies now, one with my fathers birthday inscription (luckily that page was ok) and the mint book. I also know the Def-Con 4 VHS art very well from my many years of renting. I was just flipping through my book and came across this painting (though in the back it’s credited to “Jim” McKie…i had to do some searching to find this page). Then i remembered how it looked like the def-con 4 cover. putting them side by side it’s clear that they are different. i wondered if the artist made another version for the film. cleary not. internet really is amazing to reserach some insanely obscure stuff!

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