Paul Faris – Xenon

Xenon - Pinball Flyer

A disco influenced Sci-fi flyer produced for the 1980 Bally Midway Pinball Machine “Xenon”.  See The Internet Pinball Database for more info and a full gallery of this machine in all it’s glitzy glory.

Artwork Sourced from The Internet Pinball Database, excellent resource for Data mining absolutely anything related to all things Pinball.

Addendum: July 2009

See how Suzanne Ciani designed the games audio – an Omni Special via Youtube
many thanks for the link there Karl.

Philip Castle – Airflow (3)

Philip Castle Airflow

Another sample from the portfolio of retro airbrush master Philip Castle. Judging by the livery of the jet in the top right,  I’m guessing the image is a promotional piece for the “Blue Angels” that’s the US equivalent of the Uk’s “Red Arrows” – basically fighter jets performing formation acrobatic stunts.

I’ve borrowed this scan from a more extensive library of his work at: The original art is scanned from Philips Castle’s 1980 anthology “Airflow”.

Melvyn Grant – Space Vikings

Melvyn Grant - Space Vikings

Sci-Fi Art from Melvyn Grant, another British Sci-Fi and fantasy Artist who’s career span’s back to the Seventies. Since that period Grant’s produced many Sci-fi and Fantasy’s Illustrations, successfully making the transition from traditional to digital media, and also holds the honourable accolade of Illustrating Iron Maiden infamous “Eddie” character on not one but two of their Album sleeves.

Read a little more here: Artist’s home page:

Scan Taken from Paper Tigers 1977 release“The Flights of Icarus”.

** Addendum 28th Oct 2009

Mel’s supplied the following info on the piece itself:
This piece was an oil painting on 20×30in (51×76cm) canvas board (it extended higher to allow for the type). It was originally commissioned as the cover for ‘Space Vikings’ by H Beam Piper, published by Sphere Books London.

Bob Pepper – A Voyage to Arcturus

Bob Pepper - The Voyage to Arcturus

Book Cover art from the amazing Bob Pepper, dating from 1963. A Voyage to Arcturus is a novel by the Scottish writer David Lindsay. First published in 1920, it combines fantasy, philosophy and science fiction in an exploration of the nature of good and evil and their relationship with existence – read more here:

Image sourced via Flickr User: LarsPowderdry

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