4 thoughts on “Juan Gimenez (2)”

  1. Hi,
    My friend really loves the artwork of Juan Gimenez. We have been looking for his Sketchbook Vol.2. Do you know where I would be able to buy it? I would really love to give it to him for a birthday present.


  2. hey there,

    I’m actually pretty new to his work, and alas don’t own any of his books myself – I can see on Amazon that Sketchbook Vol 1 is available but not 2… Maybe try an international search via ebay.com ?

  3. loves Juan Gimenezs’ art work ^^’ im trying to find 1 of his books but i can’t seem to find it, any suggestions? in school i am studying art 30 and i would love to use his artwork for demonstrations, etc. i myself am trying to become a better artist ^^’.

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