Chris Moore – Islands of the Net

Chris Moore - Islands of the Net

A brooding composition; a small attack craft skims the swell of a menacing slate grey sea – whilst from the background juts a fortified oil rig reminiscent of a James Cameron design. Illustration used¬† (I think) for the 1988 Sci-Fi Book “Islands of the Net” by Bruce Sterling.

Near future and alternate history Science Fiction (Speculative Fiction) is the most relevant Sci-fi, it’s tangible, political, social, environmental and always thought provoking… Galloping round the cosmos ala Starwars/Star Trek is all well and good as escapism, but it’s tech that’s hardly round the corner. Plus, when you think about things on a cosmic scale; what are the actual chances of scattered galactic life enduring billions of years of evolution to then suddenly pop-up and simultaneously develop space-faring technology at – give or take a century – exactly the same time … ? About the same as me retiring on Google Ad revenue.

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2 thoughts on “Chris Moore – Islands of the Net”

  1. really cool (this whole blog just blows my eyes). I think Sterling’s novel title is “Islands in the Net”.

  2. Hey, Cheers for the Comments JC – and for confirming the book! – Chris Moore has produced some amazing Illustrations, but this is definitely one of my favourites

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