Electric Music People – Cat

Electric Music People - Cat

Electric Music People - Cat Sketch

Electric Music People - Cat Photography

I’ve decided to post some of my own personal work in the effort to try and get me motivated to do more. This Piece was a record sleeve produced in 2004 for a UK Dance Label “Electric Music People”. The concept for the sleeve was to create a style of costume similar to the 1982 Sci-Fi movie “Tron”. Included below a concept sketches and the original photograph.

15 thoughts on “Electric Music People – Cat”

  1. Howdy! Great site!

    I’m wondering if you can help me find a piece of art I saw on here. If not I must be going crazy. Its quite morbid but it’s of many naked women falling down a well-like hole into a grotesque flat beast with tentacles and sharp teeth. Do you know of the art I speak of? Please confirm if this picture was real and where I can find it.

    Thanks again for your great work.

  2. Hello again, unfortunately those links did not lead me to that picture I was looking for. I appreciate your efforts. I’m starting to fear I may have seen it on another blog but I rarely venture elsewhere for sci-fi art and I can honestly say i’ve combed through this site. If you do come across this work, please contact me. Its starting to bug me. I hope I didn’t create that composition in my mind.

  3. Hey Kieren, just discovered your fabby website. If you come across any kinetic typographers I would be very grateful if you could point them my way for a short video collaboration. Many thanks.


    Marc Nash

  4. Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the kind comment. If i spot any cool kinetic type work ill be sure to give you a shout…



  5. Hey Kieren absolutely love the site man, its like you have my mind, thoughts and interests and have just laid them all out on blog form! (and long may it continue) Just thought I’d let you know about my last album I released, the artwork and theme have all got that retro sci-fi dystopion theme going on. If you get a chance to check it out that would be great man.


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