Hajime Sorayama “Gynoid” vs H.R Giger “BioMechanoids”

Sep 10th, 2008 | Categories: Airbrush / Realistic | H.R.Giger | Hajime Sorayama | Illustration | Low Palette | Sci-Fi

Hajime Sorayama - Gynoid (3)

H.R Giger BioMechanoid

A tentatively posed model is airbrushed into another part of the “Gynoid” Series, by Hajime Sorayama. The Gynoids are very much the same concept harvested by H.R.Giger with his BioMechanoids; that is to say they’re both a fusion of machine and the female form, but the similarity pretty much stops there.

Sorayama’s work is sweetness and light, he uses the body hugging chrome prosthetic to re-enforce softcore/pin-up titillation, machine enhanced but very much human. Giger’s approach is the reverse, sinister machine like humanoids – alien (literally) – the example shown is one his earlier works, a pre-airbrush piece from around 1970.

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