Ian Miller – Forge in the Forest

Ian Miller - Forge in the Forest

A lone sentry stands guard against the backdrop of a gloomy Citadel… Warped Gothic fantasy that could only of spawned from the pen of British Artist and Writer Ian Miller.

Ian’s 30 year career has seen him produce work spanning from Book Covers & Graphic Novels (for Authors Philip K Dick, H.P.Lovecraft, James Herbert etc) to Pre-Production film work on major Hollywood films such as Shrek and Coolworld. What’s best about Ian’s work? well there’s nothing else quite like it – A Roger Dean Acid trip gone bad, psychedelic gothic, with a twisted sense of humour. Read a bit more on him at wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Miller_(illustrator)

See more of Ian’s masterful work http://www.ian-miller.org/

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