Wayne Barlowe – Darwin IV “Skewer”

Wayne Barlowe - Darwin IV “Skewer”

Wicked Sci-Fi / Fantasy Art by American Artist Wayne Barlowe. Having an interest in decent Sci-fi Art means I’ve trawled though lots of, erm, not so decent Sci-fi art looking for stuff to post up here, but it’s worth it when something as original and whacked-out as this pops up! Initially I thought the wings were forward swept – which would of been even darker/better! – but actually the prong is the front, hence “Skewer”!

“Skewer” is part of Barlowe’s “Darwin IV Expedition” book which is kinda like a serious version the Ricky Gervais book “Flanimals” but thankfully, not drawn with felt tips. Wayne’s since worked on creature design for big time Hollywood films such as Galaxy Quest & Hellboy.

Read more about The Skewer and visit Wayne’s Site here, or better yet check out more info on the 2005 Pseudo Documentry based on “Expedition” at Imdb.com

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