Chris Moore “Grounded”

Chris Moore - Grounded

Aaaah Airbrush art, isn’t it better than digital 3d model rigging and lighting? well thats up for debate, but I reckon unless it’s Halo it certainly bloody is. Airbrush style is not real, its super real (super-realism), digital creations mostly differ, they look to real but yet unreal – it’s like comparing movies like The Thing (1982) and Aliens (1986) to modern CGI stuff, give me a ketchup pissing animatronic puppet any day of the genre. Back to the image, and what I love about this composition is its all about suggestion, plus whats sexier looking tech-wise than near future fighter jets?

Anyway Chris Moore (Yorkshire Lad) is an absolute master at techno airbrush art, check his website, it’s full of Gung-Ho US Military renderings and other Sci-fi extrodinnaire

4 thoughts on “Chris Moore “Grounded””

  1. Wow! This is amaizing. I am an artist from Kenya, Africa. I would sincerely love to draw like that.

  2. “whats sexier looking tech-wise than near future fighter jets?”

    near future fighter jets with beautiful female pilots?

  3. This is one of my fav Moore paintings and one of my fav sf books. Claremont’s series aren’t the most thought provoking sf in the world but they hit a spot for me and I love them! Same with this artwork.. awesome!

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