“Sorcerer” Pinball Flyer

“Sorcerer” Pinball Flyer

More Pinball Artwork, this time from 1985, Artwork by Pam Erickson for Williams.

A friend of mine used to have this Pinball Table, and it was pretty damn cool – when it actually worked – which wasn’t that often. Anyway, I reckon having a Pinball table is up there with the best of any bachelor crap.

Solar Fox

Solar Fox - Flyer - 1982

Solar Fox - Marquee

Now this is the shit, a Sexy Star-Fighter Pilot and 80’s Arcade graphics, again its the detailing that makes this Battle-of-the-Planets type image so great – love that sinister fox motif on the helmet.

The top image is a flyer advertising the arcade machine and the lower underneath graphic is the marquee – that’s the bit at the top of the cabinet. This image has come from klov.com (Killer List of Videogames) again another excellent resource run by proper fans keeping the memory of all this art alive.

Anway Solar Fox was made in 1981 by Bally Midway (US manufacturer) read more about it here.

Aliens Painting

Aliens Painting

An obscure Aliens painting (I’m pretty sure non canon) used as packaging design for Aliens kids Toys! Yeap, this is part of the “Aliens Action Fleet” seems pretty bizarre that an 18 certificate film full of gore, violence and (ahem!) harsh language can become toys, but its all true – check out this link here: http://flickr.com/photos/kielbryant/849198329/

Thanks to Kiel Bryant for use of this pic, check his Flickr tag cloud, loads of cool stuff on there: http://flickr.com/photos/kielbryant/tags/

“Galaxy” Pinball Flyer

Galaxy - Pinball Flyer

This punchy comic style image with a disco flavour is the front of a flyer promoting the 1980 Pinball Game “Galaxy” made by Stern. I came across this whilst looking through http://www.ipdb.org which is the number one resource for information about pretty much anything you want to know about any Pinball table ever made – some really cool stuff on there. Pinball graphics are often like this, pretty kitsch, exciting and in right in your face.

To see more of the Galaxy pinball machine check this link personally I don’t think there would be anything much cooler than doing the graphics for a pinball machine… I’ll be posting more Pinball stuff up soon.

“The Hobbit” for ZX Spectrum

“The Hobbit” for ZX Spectrum

Cover art for the ZX Spectrum Version of “The Hobbit” 1983.

Hobbit Title Screen

The Hobbit ScreenShot

Hobbit Screen Shot

The Hobbit was a text adventure game for 8-bit computers like the C64 and the Speccy, it’s considered a bit of a classic, what’s interesting is the ZX Spectrum branding – 48K of RAM! The game itself featured some very early pixel art, crude but atmospheric and remember the speccy only had a palette of 7 colours!

Read more about the game at Mobygame.com http://www.mobygames.com/game/zx-spectrum/hobbit

Unknown Retro Sci-fi Art

not sure on this one…

An ill-fitting helmet and a rocket in need of some serious panel beating, I’m guessing this is 60’s Sci-Fi though it might be 50’s – generally I’m not a fan of this far back, but this struck a chord.

I know nothing about the image or artist other than I a came across it on this French site http://www.noosfere.com/ – not sure if this is French, but just like to say no-one does Sci-Fi quite like the French – Anyway it’s ended up here.

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