Blood Money – Peter Andrew Jones

Blood Money - Peter Andrew Jones

More game box artwork, this time from 1990 ‘Blood Money’ produced for legendary UK software house Psygnosis, art by Peter Andrew Jones. Great moody character, that’s more reminiscent of Star Trek then Stars Wars (ie: a lot f*cking cooler) anyway love the tiny piggy eyes! The shot is ripped from the excellent site, which is like for computer games, well worth checking out if you are a gamer.

Carrier Command

Carrier Command US Box Art

A slice of Retro Sci-Fi in the form of Video Game Box Art. Carrier Command was a real-time Arcade/Strategy game from the late Eighties and was pretty advanced in it’s day. Read more about it at Wikipedia.

Nowadays game box art often features renderings and compositions based upon models from the game itself, 20 years ago game graphics were much more primitive so covers were more suggestive of gameplay. This cover (US Version) depicts the game main features and works despite some pretty naff elements Helmet / Ships Lasers. Artist unknown sorry…