Richard Phillips “Scout”

Richard Phillips “Scout”

Richard Phillips “Scout” 1999, Oil on Linen. More hyper realism from Richard Philips, this image was used – or at least the top half was! – as Artwork for UK dance act Dirty Vegas’s single release “Ghosts” (Credence/Parlophone 2002)

5 thoughts on “Richard Phillips “Scout””

  1. hi i just found about your site it’s great!!
    im also pretty sure this image was used in the booklet of the third strokes’ album “first impressions of the earth”.

  2. I like the artist painting ability but I would not call it hyper realism, for it to be that you would have a hard time telling the diff between the painting and a photo, this is easy to spot as a painting but it is good work.

  3. I also saw this in the Strokes album- it had a bunch of great art in it, I’m glad there’s a place where I can find some more

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