Lynx catching Snowshoe Hare

Lynx and Snowshoe Hare

A Snowshoe Hare falls victim of it’s classic enemy, the Lynx.

This haunting image was achieved remotely with the use of a a tripwire and was photographed by Ed Cesar, somewhere deep in the snowy wilderness of Alberta.

Prints are available via, here’s a direct link

Originally scanned from ‘The American North Woods / The Worlds Wild Places‘ form the Time-Life Series 1972 / 1988 seventh Reprint. I own a few of these books, purchased from a local Oxfam. They contain pretty much everything you need to know about each “wild place” and are packed with stunning landscape and wildlife photography. However none quite so dramatic as the above shot.

If you’d like to read more on how Ed Cesar was able to capture this stunning moment on film there is double page feature on his work that ran in the November 1966 edition of Popular Science Magazine.  View at Google Books.

Alberta native Ed Cesar worked a was a pioneer and advocate in the development and adoption of humane trapping standards. He started photographing wildlife and writing articles for magazines in 1959. Moving onto film Ed directed 10 documentaries, and

Digital Visions “Computers and Art”

80s digital portrait

3d Retro Vector Building

Images are taken from the book “Digital Visions” by Cynthia Goodman (Artists Unknown).

I came across this book in Manchester Central Library, published in 1987 it’s an anthology of Computer Art from the time when 16 bit Amiga’s, and Atari’s had just started to replace C64’s and ZX Spectrum as home computers. As you can imagine the book contains plenty of duff art including bad 3d models of mannequins, mirrored balls etc and of course the obligatory Mandelbrot Fractal Set. Much more interesting however was some of the earlier 60’s/70’s Computer and Plotter experimentation examples of which are above.

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Jessie M. King – Art Nouveau Illustration

Girl and Knight - Jessie M. King

This Illustration has been pulled from my unorganised ‘inspiration’ pile of clippings/photocopies I’ve been collecting since University. Alas, I’m not sure of the title or the Artist, though the wonderful detailing is similar in style to the work of Aubrey Beardsley and I’m guessing from the same era.

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